Smart Education Solutions

What is e-learning?

The migration from old style teaching methods “Board and Chalk” to technology based education that allows educators to transfer lasting knowledge more effectively and engage learners on a platform known to them.  Educators across the world have identified that their audience (the technology generation) excel with the stimulation offered by such platforms and that effective teaching relies on such migration to technology known as e-Learning foundations.

What is interactive teaching?

Multimedia limitless content immediately available from the internet / saved content or documented content streamed via the educator’s PC or Laptop to a fully interactive white board / screen or panel that allows full real time manipulation through finger touch or the use of a stylus, educators and learners can interact simultaneously from in front of the classroom or from their PCs or Tablets, all lessons and brainstorming sessions can be saved and even recorded.

Learners not present in the classroom can join from home or anywhere in the world or just catch up by watching the saved lesson afterwards. Educators and learners can write, play movie clips, draw pictures in, edit content, zoom or minimise, stop and focus on a certain subject, pause, play, rewind, swop between endless screens, move from one lesson to another, and create new lessons with any media, images or content as you like. The sky is the limit!

How easy is it to use interactive teaching technology?

We have helped over 4 000 schools in South Africa to migrate to interactive teaching. Educators young and old, even the most IT illiterate educators are using their Interactive solutions daily. We run ongoing educators’ training courses, on site with groups or individuals.

To date, we are the only private company allowed to train final year student educators at Wits University. We have trained educators in all education sectors from public schools in rural areas in the Western Cape to private schools in the heart of Sandton and everywhere in between. We will do the same for you!



Portable Interactive Systems

Triumph, eBeam, Smart board and Bird (new) Launching in April.
Our interactive solutions will turn any white board or white surface into an interactive smart board. These are the most affordable interactive smart board solutions a school or office can use effectively.



Any brand or model required.
We specialise in a variety of projector makes and models. Once we understand your unique objectives we will advise on the best projector suited for your unique needs.


Interactive Touch Boards

Triumph and Smart Board.
All sizes dual touch freestyle interaction and most user-friendly interactive whiteboards software programs.


Video Conferencing

Triumph, Smart Board and Polycom.
We will connect you visually and help your business  collaborate over a distance.


LED / LCD Interactive Touch Screen

We specialise in Smart, Triumph and CNIT.
Once we understand your unique objectives we will advise on the best LED LCD Panel suited for your unique needs


3D Printing – XYZ Printing

Due to the fast development of 3D printers, 3D scanners and modelling software, 3D printing is becoming more and more interesting and affordable for education use. We offer you a steadily growing range of options to cater for your 3D printing project needs.


Wireless Tablet

The Triumph Inscribe tablet allows users to perform familiar mouse functions and utilize all the features and functionality of standard software from anywhere in a room.


Document Camera

The document camera allows users to view and digitize real world material and import the content directly into the digital Scrapbook. Capture snapshots or video of text, objects and even people with a click of a button.


Voting Systems

The Voting System is an audience response system, interactive presentations, voting and response system. This system will engage, involve and empower audiences.


IT-Laptops and Software

Any brand or model required.
We specialise in a variety of laptops makes and models. Once we understand your unique objectives we will advise on the best laptop suited for your unique needs.


LED Tablets

Any brand or model required.
We specialise in a variety of Tablet makes and models. Once we understand your unique objectives we will advise on the best tablet suited for your unique needs.


Installations, Training and Support

More than 3500+ schools, 4500 classrooms are using our products.
We have installed, trained and supported more than 4500 classrooms, boardrooms and training centres in South Africa



Caleo, CIB.
We are the only company in South Africa that will sell you ICT hardware and insure your equipment and the best market related rates.



TB Comunius, Rm Easyteach, Notebook Myscript and Scrapbook.
We have the most user friendly and most affordable software packages. More than 12000 teachers, entrepreneurs and lectors are using our software programs.

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