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High Volume Industrial Printers

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RISO™ (the Japanese word for IDEAL) has continually strived to “create fundamentally unique products” and have done so by creating world-leading inkjet printers and digital duplicators, and for the past 25 years have effectively brought the superior RISO brand to the African continent.

The RISO ComColor range of inkjet printers brings sustainable printing to Africa and the world. From early on, sustainable printing has formed part of RISO’s ethos, and through advanced development, and in conjunction with Risolar solar-powered printers, eco-friendly printing for Africa is an ideal that RISO has been recognised for again and again.


Our RISO ComColor range is about more than just printing. It is about what our customers want. That is why our range of printers offer the ultimate scalable all-in-one printing solution for printing, punching, binding, stapling, folding, booklet making and envelope printing (folding, addressing, enclosing, sealing), making it suitable for in-house and business printing.


RISO digital duplicators, also known as Riso machines, are the most cost-effective solution in making more than 25 copies of a specific page. Because a digital duplicator uses ink and not toner, it does not require warm up time, operates at advanced speeds and uses less electricity.


Some of RISO’s environmentally-friendly benefits:

  • Less power – Due to inkjet printers making use of a heatless process, less electricity is used.
  • Fewer parts – Inkjet printers require fewer replaceable parts leading to less downtime and maintenance.
  • Zero emissions – Zero toner and ozone emissions due to imaging process.
  • Less paper – Capacity to print on lightweight paper (46gsm) means more paper per tree and less paper transportation.
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