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MyQ Solution

MyQ Solution is a server-based application designed to protect your confidential data, manage the overall document output and related printing costs. Thanks to the Print&Follow function embedded in MyQ, the documents sent to the printer remain in the system and can be securely printed from any device.

Control Sensitive Documents and Reduce Printing Costs

MyQ allows you to control the overall output and get detailed reports. Users can access their account with their web browser and keep an overview of their personal printing jobs. MyQ greatly simplifies scanning and faxing processes as it automatically displays a set of personalised options according to your most used settings.

Control and secure your document flow with MyQ Solution

Business Challenges

The theft of confidential data could potentially harm my business – How can I make sure no unauthorised person can access my data?
Finding the correct settings for scanning & faxing is time consuming and difficult – How can I make these processes easier?
It is hard to track all printing related costs – How can I monitor them to save money?

Your Advantages with MyQ

Authentication: Printing, copying and scanning starts only after the user has logged in at a selected device, using different authentication methods according to your security requirements.

Secure & Easy Scan offers fast one-click operations that are easy to use.

  • Accounting: Users can track their printing volumes and managers can better control and reduce printing costs. The tracking of prints alone can help decrease the number of printed pages.
  • Authentication: Printing, copying and scanning starts only after the user has logged in at a selected device, using different authentication methods according to your security requirements.

Secure & Easy Scan offers fast one-click operations that are easy to use and save.

Prepaid Printing with MyQ

MyQ offers you the possibility to distribute printing vouchers, which can be necessary for printers in public places such as schools and libraries. The users can buy prepaid credits that allow them to print, copy or scan a defined number of documents. These vouchers can be printed on any device by an authorised person.

Features and Specifications

With its well-structured and intuitive interface, MyQ simplifies all the processes you need to carry out on your MFP. As you will log in before using the device, MyQ will offer you shortcuts to your most used scanning, faxing and printing settings as well as buttons to quickly choose other options. This reduces the time used to process your documents and at the same time allows you to detect any unusual printing habits in your office. You can also complement your existing printer fleet with MyQ external terminals, enabling them to run with MyQ as if they were brand new.

  • Authentication – Access the devices in one step by PIN, ID-Card or Windows Login or in a two phase authentication combination such as ID-Card and PIN.
  • Security – Secure printing, data encryption and Print&Follow function ensure that your documents can only be accessed and printed by authorised people.
  • Reporting – MyQ keeps detailed statistics about the printing costs generated by a project, user or department.
  • Personalised Features – MyQ remembers your most often used settings and saves them as your default settings when you log in.
  • Scan to Function – One click changes the destination of your scanned documents and their metadata. You may choose between your MyQ space, home folder, fax server or email address.
  • Mobile Printing – Print documents from your mobile device by simply sending an email to the MyQ server. Printed documents can be collected later by entering your credentials at the device.

MyQ Web Interface

MyQ Web Interface is a convenient way to manage document output at every level:

  • Access via a web browser and a personal MyQ Login.
  • No extra software and tools needed.
  • User can manage print jobs.

System Requirements

Server/PC *

4 GB RAM and 4 CPU cores for a server with low system load
8 GB RAM and 8 CPU cores in any of the following cases:

  • More than 400 printers
  • Activated Job Parser
  • Activated Job Archiving
  • High number of Office document printed via email/web/mobile
  • Watermarks used in queues
  • Heavy usage of the MyQ API

3 GB disk plus additional storage for print/scan jobs, logs,
history, backups. Recommended size of the disk is at least 100GB.

For systems with a large number of direct queues, we strongly
recommend using SSD.

MyQ Smart Job Manager

Supported versions:
MyQ Smart Job Manager version 1.0 or higher, Smart Print Services version 7.2 or higher

MyQ Smart Print Services

If there are more than 100 client computers using the MyQ Smart Job Manager and/or the MyQ Smart Print Services, the MyQ server requires 2+ CPU cores just for the SJM and/or the SPS operations.

Recommended No. of users and groups

Up to 100,000 (30,000 60,000 per one synchronizing line). Depends on the length and number of fields for synchronization

Up to 40 000 / 10 tree levels (group in group in group). Each user can be in up to 50 groups.

Storage space

  • Application files: 300 MB
  • Log: 100 MB
  • Accounting records: 6 GB (4-year history)
  • Print Jobs Depends on the print volume.

The size of the MyQ database depends on the size and complexity of your printing environment (number of users , printing devices, sent print jobs etc.). During upgrade of the MyQ system, the actual size of the MyQ installation on the server (including the MyQ database) may temporarily grow up to four times.

Operating system

  • Windows Server 2008 R2/ 2012 / 2012 R2/ 2016 / 2019, with all the latest updates 64bit OS versions (32bit versions not supported)
  • Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 **, with all the latest updates 64bit OS versions (32bit versions not supported)
  • + Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7 Full Version or higher

Web browser

  • Google Chrome 63 and higher versions (Recommended)
  • Mozilla Firefox 57 and higher versions (Recommended)
  • Internet Explorer 11 and higher versions
  • Microsoft Edge 14 and higher versions
  • Safari 10 and higher versions

*  The values of the minimal necessary configuration may increase in an environment with high system load. To ascertain that the system runs smoothly, monitor the server’s performance during peak usage hours and adjust the settings accordingly.

** For trouble free running of the machine we strongly recommend using a server operating system.

WARNING: MyQ should not be installed on Domain Controller.

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