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Managed Document Services

Keeping an eye on the bottom line is a key focus of every business and by optimising your document output process you can save time and money for your organisation.

The Manage Document Services (MDS) approach analyses your printing, copying and scanning procedures and transforms your workflows and document processes to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve customer service. 


The Benefits of  Manage Document Services

Reduced costs. Less environmental impact. More security. Increased employee productivity and satisfaction. The Smart Group Managed Document Services (MDS) has many practical advantages. 



There are several ways MDS can reduce your total cost of ownership:
Reducing the use of consumables such as paper and toner.
Cutting energy costs.
Lowering service and support costs.
You can set up binding print policies that determine when colour printing systems may be used, thereby avoiding unnecessary costs.
Because the age and lifetimes of the systems are all known, cost drivers can be easily identified and removed simply by exchanging devices.

The Five Phases of Managed Document Services

The five MDS steps to success: Assess,  Design, Execution,  Manage and Optimise.
The Smart Group MDS is a dynamic, three-step process that will keep your office document processes at their optimum. Step-by-step it exposes the weak points in your output environment, develops solutions and opens up potentials for greater efficiency and savings.
Working together with you, we look at your overall situation and evaluate which aspects of the MDS process are particularly valuable for your business. Then we create a tailor-made solution that consists of the elements you need.

The first step in the MDS process is to analyse your devices, usage and cost associated with your document environment. This will help you get a clear understanding of the document life from creation to storage. This audit report will highlight concerns and opportunities and provide a baseline for further analysis. 

The assessment phase highlights all areas of wastage and poor productivity across your organisation.

We start the process by gathering data and understanding your business with an in-depth analyses and professional assessment of your entire document environment – from fleet audit to financial, volumetric and energy data, as well as interviews and surveys.

The resulting report provides a clear indication of where money can be saved and processes optimised.

The assessment looks at the following key areas:

  • Finances: Where the money is being spent
  • Devices and consumables: Their efficiency, suitability and maintenance costs
  • Workflows: Productivity improvements with smarter software
  • Documents: How efficiently and securely they are being printed, stored, managed and distributed
  • Environmental impact: Where you can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint and removed simply by exchanging devices
In summary, money, time and resources within your business are wasted on unnecessary devices, unproductive hardware and poor processes. With a MDS approach to your business you will see a real savings to your bottom line and increased productivity. 
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