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Smart Print

Print Smart – With Clever Routing

More and more companies are currently thinking about introducing rule-based print management. And so they should! Because today, increasing cost pressure is no longer the only important factor. Compliance is presently becoming an increasingly important matter too. External administration and transparency regulations such as SOX or ISO are making printing operations an ever more complicated matter. Add to that internal regulations such as environmental standards, it is plain to see that these requirements can often only be achieved by introducing print rules. For the implementation of these regulations intelligent solutions are needed that will guarantee simple operations, high flexibility and a high level of process automation – and ideally a quick return on investment.

All Pros and no Cons

This is exactly what SmartPrint was developed for. Irrespective of whether you are focused on economic efficiency, productivity, environmental protection or any other criteria: with SmartPrint you will achieve your goals and implement a comprehensive print policy in order to ensure compliance. The innovative software controls all print jobs and accounts in the network and automatically routes them to the most suitable system – according to your print policy. You decide who has access to which system and you monitor every copy, fax, print and scan made by each user or department. You decide who is allowed to print in colour and who is not allowed to print at all. You decide how environmentally conscious your printouts are. And thanks to the integrated scripting language, SmartPrint can be adapted perfectly to your own specific requirements.

Advantages at a Glance:

  • Simple setup and implementation
  • Usage of the most appropriate devices
  • Increased workflow efficiency
  • Substantial printing cost reduction
  • Substantial IT time savings
  • Transparency and control of print, copy, fax and scan activities
  • Customisation to individual needs
  • Cost recovery

Always on the Right Track

SmartPrint constantly checks the status of all available systems in the network. In the case of a malfunction, e.g. an empty paper tray, print jobs will be immediately rerouted to other systems. In that way you can make sure you always stay on the fast track and thus improve operational procedures. Naturally, that also includes each user being automatically informed via e-mail or pop-up message as to why a print job was rerouted – and to which system. As a result, the chain of events will always be transparent – and the IT service will not have to deal with routine assignments anymore.

Simple Handling- Complex Functionality

SmartPrint enables you to decide who is allowed to print what and when on which system, thanks to rules that you can specify. How you configure your print policy and the corresponding rules in detail depends entirely on how exactly you decide to lay down the law.

No Longer a Grey Area – Colour Printing

Whether on purpose or out of carelessness: the misuse of cost-intensive colour systems is often a considerable expense factor. But not with SmartPrint! The integrated colour detection option, for example, allows you to decide that black & white or grey-scale print jobs are not printed on colour systems. In addition, you can determine that colour printouts can only be made during normal offi ce hours. In that way you can ensure that your valuable resources are used only for the intended purposes, and the issue of colour printing is clearly defined.

Reduce Cost While Preserving the Environment

Desktop printers are less cost-efficient when it comes to high-volume printing. Nevertheless, they are still often used out of mere convenience. With SmartPrint you can determine that print jobs in excess of a certain volume, e.g. 30 pages, are automatically routed to more economical systems such as workgroup printers or multifunctional devices. Naturally, you can also route print jobs to certain systems according to their document type, e.g. e-mails to printers that use recycled paper. This will enable you to reduce costs and use your systems more effi ciently, while at the same time doing your part to preserve the environment.

One Application – Unlimited Possibilities

Cost Recovery

SmartPrint is also a cost recovery software that can help firms manage and quantify all printing activity so that they can understand their usage and establish practices and policies for recovering appropriate print expenses. It enables departments, workgroups and organizations to monitor and control the number of photocopies, prints, faxes and scans made by employees. SmartPrint also allows the user the option to bill a specific cost center for printing, copying, faxing and scanning expenses.

Follow me Printing

SmartPrint offers the user the flexible option of having ones confidential documents printed at any printer on the network. What this means is that a user can simply walk up to any machine on the network and enter a security code or swipe a card using a card reader and have their job securely released at any place or time.

Educate Employees

Print policies are introduced to help reduce costs but it is also important to educate employees as to the benefits of implementing print policies. SmartPrint provides the option of a “print policy alert” each time a document is printed. This alert will provide the user with more cost effective options for the pending print job. It will also highlight the carbon footprint effect for each print job.

Scheduled Reports

Detailed reports illustrating the usage and cost by user can be automatically emailed to assigned users or automatically saved to a document management system.

Card Readers

SmartPrint support a variety of different card reader applications. Card readers provide an efficient means of authorization plus the ability of loading credits and restricting usage based on the amount of credits assigned to each card.

For more information on Smart Print contact Smart Idea.

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