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HyPAS Teaching Assistant

Why assist Teachers?

Most educational institutions require optimal efficiency. It’s all about saving time and money. KYOCERA’s HyPAS powered Teaching Assistant transforms your KYOCERA MFP into an on-demand test creating, grading and analysis hub… No more messy papers and red ink-stained fingers. KYOCERA’s Teaching Assistant makes the seemingly impossible possible.

This solution is geared for school systems as well as other government and private-sector organisations who are in need of a system to scan and process responses from standardised testing forms, surveys and questionnaires.

What is Teaching Assistant?

  • Prints customisable bubble sheet tests at the MFP
  • No PC or server software required, minimising IT involvement
  • Scans students’ answer sheets for automatic grading of tests
  • Results can be exported in PDF format via print, e-mail, or saved to a USB device
  • No server required. No client PC hardware required
  • Provides detailed test analysis

How it Works

Creating an Exam

When an instructor needs to create a multiple choice exam, Teaching Assistant is used to print blank test sheets; one for each student. These blank test sheets are handed to the class at the start of the test. Test questions could be posted on a board or printed and distributed to the students along with the test sheets.

Answering Tests

Students write their name and fill out their student ID (if applicable) in the space provided. Each question is answered by shading the corresponding bubble on the test sheet, preferably with a black pen or #2 pencil. After completing the test, students return their marked test sheets to the instructor.

Automated Test Grading

When printing the required number of test sheets, Teaching Assistant will also print out a teachers “answer key” master. This page is automatically printed; the instructor can then fill out the correct answers for each question on this designated “answer key” page. When ready, the instructor scans all the test sheets, along with the answer key at the MFP into Teaching Assistant. Teaching Assistant scores each student’s test and prepares a report of the results from each student.


Easy Deployment

Because the solution resides completely on the MFP, there is no added cost or burden on an organisation’s IT infrastructure – giving administrators more leeway in approving the placement of Teaching Assistant.

Flexible Test Creation

Users have a wide range of options when creating test forms at the MFP control panel; multiple-choice questions can have between 2 and 8 answer “bubbles,” each page can hold up to 50 questions, tests can have up to 500 questions and each test can support an unlimited number of students.

Analysis Adds Value

Teaching Assistant includes a range of analytical tools to aid educators in evaluating student performance on a given test, including a grade range histogram, top 10 easiest/hardest questions and a combined student performance chart. These analyses can in turn be used to improve student performance by flagging subject areas that need further classroom attention.

Improved Teacher Productivity

Once an answer key is scanned in at the MFP, test forms can be scanned and graded with the press of a button – saving educators hours of tedious manual labour.

Security and Privacy

Test results are never stored on a PC or server and are erased from the MFP upon exiting the program at the control panel, ensuring that unauthorised users cannot see or access test data.

Need teaching assistance?

Let the Smart Group sort it out with a customised software solutions for you.

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